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Recommending Committee:


Hans Grietens (Professor University of Groningen; President EUSARF)


Max van den Berg (Royal Commissionar Province of Groningen)

Peter Rehwinkel (Lord Mayor City of Groningen)

Frans Zwarts (Professor, Rector Magnificus University of Groningen)

Henk Kiers (Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Groningen)

Roel Bosker (Professor, Director of the Nieuwenhuis Institute for Research in Education and Pedagogy, University of Groningen)

Paul van Geert (Professor, Department of Developmental and Clinical Psychology, University of Groningen)

Anthony Maluccio  and Tiziano Vecchiato (Professor, University of Connecticut (USA)/ Fondazione Zancan, University of Padova (Italy); International Association for Outcome-Based Evaluation and Research on Family and Children's services)

Mike Stein and Harriet Ward (Professors, University of York, UK / University of Loughsborough, UK ; International Research Network on Transitions to Adulthood from Care)

Gisela Schulze and Manfred Wittrock (Professors, University of Oldenburg, Germany; International Children, Young People and Families at Risk Network)

Klaus Wolf (Professor, University of Siegen, Germany; International Network on Foster Care Research)

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